Before there was Girlfriends, there was Waiting to Exhale, and before Waiting to Exhale there was Living Single. Of course, there have been many other shows and movies highlighting women’s need to connect to other women, and form mentally and emotionally dependable bonds, but as I came of age, these were the ones that impacted me the most.

I first watched Waiting to Exhale at an age where I was probably too young to watch it in the first place and also too young to grasp all the different story lines and the underlying meaning. All I knew, was that it was entertaining and the scene with Bernie lighting  her soon to be ex-husband sh*t on fire was EPIC.  Keep in mind I’m a Virgo and analytical of everything that connects with me, so upon watching the movie over and over again and reading the book a million times plus, I had a few takeaways.

  1. Never Settle.
  2. Learn how to put your-self first.
  3. Life goes on after loss
  4. Change is good.
  5. Sometimes all you need is friends
  6. Most importantly “Exhale”

Most women, like myself, move on auto pilot. We move from one task to the next, from one goal to the next, from one relationship to the next, overcome a tough situation and then proceed to tackle another. Life consists of constantly being on the go, or worrying about one thing or another because it almost comes naturally. We push through, never really taking the time to be still, find comfort, and just exhale. It’s a gift and a curse.

This retreat is precisely about finding your moment and living it, finding your space of comfort and basking in it, finding your need for change and figuring out a way to make it happen, above all, its about carving out sometime for your-self and disconnecting from everything else while connecting with other women on the same mission as you. If you’re looking for a turn-up weekend …This Won’t Be It…… but I guarantee you’ll have fun. If you’re looking for good conversation with different perspectives, learning more about yourself, and adventures with a group of new women with some adult beverages incorporated, well then…Its LIT!

When I initially told  my team I wanted to do a women’s retreat, talks of fun and sun were immediately thrown at me until I revealed I wanted it to happen during the winter months. Personally, I feel like winter brings warmth from people and in a weird way, relationships are cultivated and cherished more when your inclined to sit still and not commence to all the ripping and running that summer usually entails. Besides, winter brings hot chocolate, fire places, fuzzy socks & hot tubs.

As my team and I, set everything in place, I will be posting updates!!!

If you would like to Volunteer and have your room and board paid for please email