Art is important


Its nine days into 2017 and I’m just now feeling the urge to blog. Towards the end of 2016 I made a promise to myself to blog more….I Lied…Well not necessarily, but I’ll explain. In my efforts to make my initial vow happen. I came up with this whole schedule of when to post, what to post…everything mapped out. Smart right? Maybe, but definitely not the best way to get the creative juices flowing. On my first scheduled day to write, I quickly decided to trash the idea. For one, schedules and deadlines make my anxiety flare up (I’m learning my triggers}, secondly you can’t force words….I can’t. So even though a topic may interest me, until I can vividly & accurately put into words my opinion, I won’t touch it. I’m not going to half-ass something that means a lot to me nor will I rush through it just for the sake of producing content. My creative process may be a long one but its mines & it’s necessary.

With that being said, I have so much in store for you guys, the biggest thing being is this WinterRetreat. I can’t wait to give more details once everything is set in stone. I have a couple of collaborations being worked out with other up and coming bloggers, some giveaways, my Single Girl Chronicles blog series that will start in February in hour of Valentine’s Day and last but not least we are accepting guest bloggers.! I’ll have a post with all of those specifics soon…..Also, my Mood Music Playlist will definitely be dropping every month sometimes more, it just depends on what’s out. I’m really looking forward to this because music is the gateway to my life, it literally switches my mood some days, so hopefully we can vibe out together

Of course being the indecisive Virgo that I am, I may add more to the lineup but so far these are the plans…Anyway just wanted to update you guys a little and officially say Hi for 2017…Stay tuned for my next post as I offer my Keyword for 2017 and how I plan to implement in my daily living!!!