January Vibez

Another Month full of musical gems!

Finding good music, new artists, indie rappers, slept on vocalists, has become one of my greatest past times. Making these play list are so fun because it’s pushing me to listen to more music so I can share with you guys. This list is a bit more diverse than the last but has equally great vibes…

A few of Nick Grant songs are on there, because I really wanted to add the whole album but narrowed it down to the songs I absolutely LOVED. Of course, the voice of young women is on there, Kehlani, and she’s back with another banger. I honestly cannot wait for her album to drop. Her last three singles have been so Bomb! SZA dropped some heat. She’s another female favorite. Lupe, Kid Cudi and my Bae Nipsey Hussle made the cut. The Nipsey track is kind of old but in honor of Sade Birthday today and the sample he used, I threw it on there…I really should make a playlist just for her…She’s in my top 5 along with Mrs. Anita Baker…Also because Spotify doesn’t have mixtapes on their app, below are a list of the ones you should download!

  1. ChixTape4
  2. TrappyNewYears
  3. Anticipation 3
  4. GTTM: Going Thru The Motions

….Anyway….Grab a glass of something (I love Prosseco)…If you indulge in a little herb…Light one up…If candles help you relax…Go ahead and light that too…And Just Vibe Out…

Instructions To Vibing Out

  1. Do not skip a track in the first few seconds…Get past the first verse, bridge, and chorus.
  2. Open your ears. Sometimes you have to listen twice.
  3. Listen Twice
  4. Feel

Hope you guys enjoy! Per Usual, Let me know which songs you are feeling in the comments and if you have any you think I should add to my playlist drop those in the comments as well!

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”