First let me start of by saying the whole season of Insecure was bomb as fcuk! Between Issa rap career, her rude ass students, the clueless white people at her job, Molly’s broken p*ssy, her semi gay boyfriend, the light skin friend whose husband I believe is really gay, the chunky Jill Scott looking friend who kept me in tears, and  the neighbor I wished we could have seen more of who refused to use c’s in his words “That’s a nice bouch”…I thoroughly enjoyed everything. Oh lets not forget the music!!!! I’m still looking for a playlist or something to vibe to…Now unto the makings of Lawrence “The Savage”.

Let me be one of the many to say I was highly disappointed with Issa when she screwed Daniel in his studio. And then barely showed any remorse until Lawrence professed his undying love for her. But as the episode went on I hoped that she didn’t get caught out there bad. Well part of me wanted her to get caught because she really did him so bogus but the other part of me just hoped she loved him harder and really learned to be down for him while he was getting his shit together.

But of course, it wouldn’t be entertainment if he didn’t find out right? When he flipped… I felt it. When he told her to stop fucking calling him outside of his job….I felt it. And I got even madder at Issa because I felt like she wasn’t trying hard enough to convince him on how she really loved him…She was still too nonchalant for me… When he went to the strip club and entertained that stripper…I felt it, but relaxed when the screen showed him calling Issa….I’m not gon’ front. I initially thought he was butt dialing her and she was going to over hear him getting it in OR he purposely dialed her just to get some get back but hope was restored when he was actually being civil with her and admitted he missed her. When she gets home and he’s not there I’m like okay he changed his mind about coming back home so soon…I can deal with that….But babyyyyyy….when the scene cuts to him digging in ol girl guts like he was searching for the next best thing besides gold……I ABOUT DIED!

In the terms of my guy H.O.V.—“I know the way a nigga living was wack but you don’t get a nigga back like that!”

Make no mistake about how I feel…Lawrence was a good dude. In the beginning I felt some type of way about his laziness but as the show furthered I got to understand him and also appreciated the way he loved Issa, so under no circumstance do I agree with what she did but damn did he have to go do shorty from the bank though? It would have been a easier pill to swallow if it was the stripper chick. He gave Issa hope and then snatched that shit right back. She did him dirty but he wasn’t supposed come back swinging that hard. I cant wait to see how this all plays out next season but Lawrence is officially on LPOD’s Savage list. A few spots under Blac Chyna…

Season 2 needs to hurry up!!!