hurry up


Most of us have heard the term Hurry Up And Wait but for those who haven’t, Its a coined military term where the army rushes you to get up, get uniformed, and get somewhere, only for you to wait once you get there.

Sometimes its used to describe a situation where you’re rushing to get some place or do something, but once you get there you realize you still have to wait or certain necessary steps have been missed, now the task can’t be completed, and you still have to wait.

You did all of that rushing…..And you still have to Wait. And in the process you’ve missed out on the joys of the actual process.

Somehow, life is made to seem like one big deadline, with a set of ‘aha’ moments along the way, if we even allow ourselves to recognize them

When we were younger we had this idea of who we wanted to be and what we wanted to have accomplished by a certain age or just period in life. And at 16, 17, and 18 life is just full of hope, possibilities and time, that we never quite prepare ourselves for the unknown. So we have fun and live it up as best we can because the “Real World” as some people refer to it, is nowhere in sight for us. Years fly by, you’ve graduated college, landed a job, and started paying bills. You’ve been deemed a grown up. But now what?

Is this the life you were rushing to as a teen, when you thought you couldn’t wait to get older? Now you have this 9-5 and the only thing you’re thinking of is “23 more years till retirement”. You wake up one day and your life has passed you by. But you lived “right” according to society. It’s very weird the way world works

I’m 28 and sometimes I feel like I should have this and this accomplished by 30 or else I have failed and that makes no sense because life definitely goes on after thirty so why the need for the deadline? What’s the hurry?

Okay, so I may not have life completely together at 30 but Is there some law that says great things can’t happen at 35? Do I not STILL have my whole life ahead of me or is that statement only relevant for college students?

hurry up and waitHypothetically, if I did carry out everything I thought I wanted by 30 what would my 40’s look like and what would I look forward to? Its sad the limitations and deadlines we live our lives by. And I get it. In a world where things are happening so fast and so early, its hard not to feel pressured to be fast paced and to have things planned and executed in a timely fashion. That’s fine. I just dislike when anyone makes it seem as if life is over after a certain age. Or that success can’t come at any given moment in your life.

I’d like to think that everyone has a specific journey they are supposed to embark on. It may be easier than some one else or harder, but its their own. If you don’t go through all the stages and learn what you are supposed to learn, you can not truly be the person you were meant to be. You’ll be hurrying to get somewhere and have no idea what to do when you get there. I can have a baby at 40 and still be a great mother. I can make millions at 50 and still have enough life left to enjoy it. I’m not saying to wait until your old and grey to do things but if by chance your 20’s, 30’s or maybe even 40’s didn’t turn out the way you planned it, don’t get discouraged.

You have a lot of life left to live and make things happen. Enjoy it on the way.

This is something I battle with daily because I am constantly trying to hurry up to the next phase of my life and not really taking time to bask in the present. Stop rushing to reach that next milestone. Think of life-like a roller-coaster. At the end of the ride do you just want to be able to say you rode it and got thru it? Or do you actually want to say, with eyes wide open, hands up in the air, screaming from the thrill,…. you enjoyed it?

You cannot be present and rush at the same time it is IMPOSSIBLE.