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Trick Daddy, Trick Daddy, Trick Daddy….Smmfh… We don’t want you and we don’t want the black men who think like you either…So don’t you think for one second our uproar is because we are in turmoil of you not fucking with us. Whoever got you…Can keep you…

I had planned to write a post similar to this one a while back because Trick Daddy isn’t the first Black Man/imbecile to make a comment in a derogatory manner towards black women, putting us down all the while placing another race on a pedestal. First, let’s just acknowledge he has no respect for women period. That much you can tell by his reference to us as hoes and bitches throughout his whole uneducated rant.

*So that I don’t have to keep reminding you that I am referencing some black men and not all. Please keep it in the back of your head*

Here’s the Issue

Black women don’t have a problem with Black men dating outside of their race. Well, at least this one doesn’t. You can date whomever you want, whoever you feel the most compatible with and if that person just so happens to be of another ethnicity then so be it. But this where you got us messed up at. Don’t try to play us while you doing you.

Don’t degrade, disrespect, and down play our worth while praising women who want to be just like us. And before somebody panties get in a bunch thinking that I am implying that all other races want to be like black women, I’m not.

My point is Black men complain about our attitudes, the way we dress, the way we wear our hair, etc etc…And then turn right around and date a asian chick who just got her ass done, who attitude matches ours, who grew up in the same hood, went to the same school, sound just like us, wear her hair in box braids, bantu knots, or get a weave down to her ass….And call her better. That’s the problem.

Like who you like, love who you love but keep us out of it.

Because news flash. A fucked up person is a fucked up person regardless of race or ethnicity. They don’t only give out government assistance to black women. Louboutin doesn’t only get our coins. That’s not how that company stays afloat…. And we definitely not the only ones spending money to get our makeup done. So if you think your escaping all the “bad qualities” black women own by dating outside of your race, you got another thing coming…Those same qualities can come wrapped nice and tight in a asian woman, in a latina woman, in a white woman. And again the problem is….Some black men won’t see nothing wrong with that…

The sad reality is that there are black men in this world who outright hate black women, who hate the womb in which they came from, who romanticized being with a woman from a different race, so much, that they can’t tell they are still dating us even if ol girl skin color or hair texture doesn’t mirror ours. And maybe the need or want dates back to a time period when those women wouldn’t look at a black man twice or it was forbidden and frowned upon, so now that whole mentality of “I want everything they said I couldn’t have” has been etched into their brain. Because the other side just has to better since it was kept from us right? Who knows…Still …That’s not an excuse for the outlandish behavior towards us…

And After all of that… you want us to rally behind you.

Stand by your side while you make a mockery of us.

Protest and speak up when one of our BLACK MEN gets accused of something terrible even if it’s a crime against us (women). (I.e.) Nate Parker. We are supposed to forget that we are women first and automatically side with you because black people got to stick together. And we do. But the amount of backlash I saw against black women for even considering fact checking Parker’s story or taking the time to research court transcripts, or even boycott the movie was ridiculous.

That is what makes comments like these hurtful. Not because we want yall, because for the life of me I can’t figure out what woman in their right mind would want Trick Daddy ‘we really can wipe you off the planet face ass’.

But it’s hurtful because when it comes down to it, in the trenches, when you need uplifting, when you need to be reminded that you are worth more than getting shot while your arms are raised in the air….We Got Yall…

But Yall Never Have Us….

And that’s the fucked up part….First they love us …Then they hate us…Then they love us again…