“Find what you love and let it kill you”


Love Plus Other Drugs, formerly Love Without A Limit is my first Creative Child. Before I knew that I would go on to take photos, before I could fathom writing and publishing my first novel, this was it. Where I allowed my opinions to be heard and my fears and insecurities to be seen. Because writing is personal, perhaps more personal than speaking. There were many reasons for the name change, one of them being I felt the former was a bit too passive for my voice. There are some hard truths we need to accept about ourselves and others. This platform is my way of facing my own. If I so happen to help you do the same then I have surpassed my own expectations…

We are all addicts. Yes, I said addicts. That word has taken on such a negative meaning due to the situations it’s usually tied to. But lets face it, we are all moved by something, addicted to the feeling that one or more of those somethings can give us. Whether it’s the good feeling of catching your favorite pair of shoes on sale or the bad feeling disguised as a temporary good feeling from taking back your on again off again boyfriend of a few years. Because again let’s be honest, sometimes the things that give us those good feelings aren’t necessarily good for us.

Whatever it is, most of us have a few things in our lives we just can’t let go of. Good and Bad. This is where we discuss everything we obsess over…..Your Daily Fix of Life’s Simple & Complex Addictions

Me, Personally, Love is my Drug of Choice ….What’s Yours?