A Few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending one of my co-workers/friends Nuptials. For those that are not avid wedding attendees like myself, a Nuptial is the fancy word for wedding. Anyway, because all of my friends chose to get married within years of each other (no I am not the single bitter friend). I have become sort of a pro of preparations. The most Important item you will ever need to be equipped with is drum roll please….Water Proof Mascara. And not the cheap stuff that still runs when you cry, I’m referring to the ones you have to soak off your eyelashes at the end of the night with baby oil or something. Although this is not a beauty post, I’ll be sure to tell you Ladies my #1 mascara to use for weddings and maybe a close second.

Top 5 Reasons Weddings Make My Eyes Sweat 

The Ceremony and The reading of vows, especially the ones that are written is a automatic tear-jerker. I love when people profess their love for each other and to be able to witness the emotions that are transferred through the recital of one’s vows is a beautiful thing





The Father Daughter Dance. If my eyes are not completely red by the time this part rolls around, this will definitely do it!. And depending on the song that’s chosen, I just may have to turn away and not look so I don’t start bawling and cause people to look at me crazy

Old Friends and New Friends getting together. BFFAs a former Nomad, I moved a lot. So a lot of my friendships are based in states that I currently do not reside in. For that reason alone, celebrations are always a bit more special and bittersweet for me because I get to reconnect with some really great people.


Open Bar. The Holy Grail of Weddings. Emotional and Happy moments with Unlimited Alcohol…Need I say more!

 Last but not Least. Weddings give me Hope. Hope that real committed love and companionship still exist. In a society where everyone wants to just “have fun” or “Netflix and chill”, it’s good to see that there are still people out there content with just loving and loving on one another. EXCLUSIVELYweddings

  As promised, this is the best mascara to use, in my opinion, when attending weddings, or any kind of celebration that might make your eyes sweat. And if that one is too pricey for you (I try not to use it regularly to make it last) this is just as good for less than half the price.

P.S. I’m seriously considering becoming a wedding crasher. If anyone else is down with me hit me on my contact page!