Month: October 2016

Does Our Need For Security Hold Us Back?


Before I get started, let me say I am in no way shape of form knocking those who work a nine to five, who find joy sitting in an office or where ever, who truly love what they are doing. It is amazing feeling to get paid for doing something you love… I’m writing this mainly for those who feel the exact opposite. The ones who have so much magic resting at the tip of their fingers but allow fear of failure to hold them back. So they stay at that dead end job, dull themselves to fit in with corporate America, work eight hours and complain for eight more hours about the eight hours they just worked. (more…)

Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Year of Good Feelings



The Year of 28…

Everyone knows January 1st is the start of the New Year, But I’ve always believed your Birthday is the Part 2 of that celebration. A New Year just for you. Twenty-eighty was a good year. I learned so much about myself and what I am capable of. I published my very first book as well knocked down some personal goals. Not without struggle and setbacks of course, but I made it happen. As my birthday approached this year, I wasn’t too excited. I had so many other things to focus on such as the release of my book and that overshadowed EVERYTHING! (more…)

Sometimes I Dont Wanna Feel Those Metal Clouds…

cits2So I’m sitting in front of my laptop, face mask on, six pack of corona by my bedside, willing myself not to cry. I would say overall 2016 was my best year yet. Not because everything went right or came easy, because that would for sure be a lie…But because I seemed to overcome mostly every major obstacle put in my way. That alone is a blessing that I don’t take for granted.

But once again I’m faced with another obstacle and another painful task of figuring sh*t out. I, for one, am tired of figuring sh*t out. For once I want to have things just flow right for me for at least 30 days straight. It’s always something. (more…)