Month: August 2016

Wheatgrass Craze: To Take The Shot or To Not Take The Shot?



The above video is the recap of my first time trying the wheatgrass shot. Excuse the quality of the video as I recorded this on my phone and used a regular app to semi edit it. Since filming this video, I have taken this shot more times than enough to stomach the taste now and I do not mean it has gotten better, I just no longer have the urge to spit it back up. When first deciding to see what the wheatgrass hype was all about , the first opinions that were offered to me was that the taste would immediately turn me off, but to look past it. (more…)

Hurry Up And Wait: What’s The Rush?

hurry up


Most of us have heard the term Hurry Up And Wait but for those who haven’t, Its a coined military term where the army rushes you to get up, get uniformed, and get somewhere, only for you to wait once you get there.

Sometimes its used to describe a situation where you’re rushing to get some place or do something, but once you get there you realize you still have to wait or certain necessary steps have been missed, now the task can’t be completed, and you still have to wait. (more…)

Weddings: 5 Reasons They Make My Eyes Sweat



A Few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending one of my co-workers/friends Nuptials. For those that are not avid wedding attendees like myself, a Nuptial is the fancy word for wedding. Anyway, because all of my friends chose to get married within years of each other (no I am not the single bitter friend). I have become sort of a pro of preparations. The most Important item you will ever need to be equipped with is drum roll please….Water Proof Mascara. And not the cheap stuff that still runs when you cry, I’m referring to the ones you have to soak off your eyelashes at the end of the night with baby oil or something. Although this is not a beauty post, I’ll be sure to tell you Ladies my #1 mascara to use for weddings and maybe a close second. (more…)